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Date/Time: Thu, 17 Jan 2019 12:13:41 +0000

Post From: Setting up Market Repaly in Demo account

[2017-12-16 22:48:29]
User888320 - Posts: 1
Good day.

I would like to set up market replay for intra-daytrading regular stocks like Apple, google, etc... The market replay (backtesting) would be in a simulation mode (not live). I usually daytrade off the five minute chart. I have a couple questions:

1. What would be the best data feed for this?
2. Were can I get instructions on how to set this up using the software? I am new to the software so I am not too sure how to use it.
3. Do I need to record the live data during the trading and then go back to replay it or can I just go an replay a certain historical date?

Thanks for the help.