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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 11:16:13 +0000

Post From: Trade Simulation - Orders not filling - What setting am I missing?

[2017-12-15 20:01:37]
Mooshu22 - Posts: 25
I have been trying to setup backtesting for my trade signals. I had a few successful runs at testing some conditions and then the orders stopped filling in the simulation. I must have inadvertently switched a setting and I can't figure out how to get back rolling again.

Here is where I am at: I am using the "Spreadsheet System for Trading" study and then entering conditions into the BUY Entry and SELL Entry fields row 3, columns K and M. The spreadsheet is showing TRUE and FALSE data,0's and 1's, based on the conditions. The data feed is disconnected. User is set to SIM1. Trade Simulation is checked. Auto Trading Enabled is checked. When I run the Autotrade System Bar Based Back Test it finishes with no errors and the entry arrows are marked on the chart. Then checking the Trade Activity Log I don't have any trade statistics, everything is at 0 still. In the Trade Activity tab I only have activity for orders and no fills. I've been stuck for a while need to reach out for help. Thanks-
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