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Date/Time: Thu, 17 Jan 2019 12:13:23 +0000

Post From: Different data and chart rendering when using Sub Instance

[2017-12-15 15:34:25]
User66297 - Posts: 7
I am using Sierra data feed for data and IB for trading. In the main sierra instance, i do see Sierra Chart data being used to render my chart (indicated by the [M] next to the symbol). However, if I start a sub instance, the data and chart/bar rendering is completely different for the same chart symbol and chart type. The "[M]" is also missing indicating it may not be using sierra chart data for the sub-instance? In the sub-instance, i have made sure "allow support for sierra chart data feeds" is check marked.

Can you please help with this as i am unable to use sub-instance without this.