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Date/Time: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 23:18:12 +0000

Post From: Default Order Quantity

[2017-12-15 08:44:22]
Trade Nice - Posts: 61
Is there a way to have ACSIL do the update? It really doesnt make sense that the other symbol specific settings get applied to the chart, but not the Default Order Quantity ( there is never going to be a time when the Default Order Quantity isnt required since it is the symbol specific default order quantity...its not just that it means it needs to manually changed, but the bigger issue is that if it isn't changed, and a trade is done, it could result in a trade being put in which is multiples of the correct size for that specific trade. Sure its the trader's problem, but it just seems that in this case, maybe a disable or enable for automatically updating the Default Order Quantity could be appropriate, but not the present case as is.
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