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Date/Time: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 01:51:42 +0000

Post From: Unable to Connect to TransAct

[2017-12-14 18:56:32]
Crtfyd - Posts: 210
I can't believe that is true. You've said that before and it wasn't.

I was connected all day fine. I updated the version and Sierra wont connect.

I have connected to my Transact data several times , even after this response, and it still connects fine. I called them and they said all is fine. So I get data, just not with Sierra Charts.

When this happened before, you stated it was the Bridge.exe(?) or something like that, and you are trying to get TransAct to fix/remove it.

All I know is I want my Charts to work and they say its not them or their data!

I just now did the same work around to get connected as I did before. At that time, someone there said that wasn't possible and didn't make sense. All I know is what I did, I let the figuring out to you guys.

This is what I did: I have 9 charts in my Chartbook, but all of them except two are set to a date ("Use date Range") in the future so they don't load on startup. This is what I had to do to my 1 minute chart now (still one left alone because session time is to 11 am, so it wouldn't load anyway), and my charts connected right away!

So action-reaction. I have started up fine, update, no connection, do something different to settings, and connects right up. How is this TransAct?

Not trying to be a pain, but this is a pain for something like a chart connection.

Is there something my laptop would have different than others that have Sierra/TransAct?