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Date/Time: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 08:49:45 +0000

Post From: FOREX spread charts (with LMAX): can i invert a pair? (EUR/GBP into GBP/EUR)

[2017-12-13 15:41:38]
KTrader - Posts: 5

Sorry my English is pretty bad (I am French/Polish). But i am thinking for to start trading with Sierra Chart, i just need to know if it's possible to do one thing.

I want for example to create a spread chart between GBPEUR/EURUSD (for to trade on GBP/USD), because my trading account is in euro, so the performance of those pairs directly impact the value of my account. I know already that this is possible with Sierra Chart, my only problem is that i am not sure if i can invert the value of the EUR/GBP into GBP/EUR.

Can someone help me? Do i need just to put -1 in the window "Chart Multiplier"?

Best regards.