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Post From: SC Data setup

[2017-12-13 04:39:07]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65120
We did offer remote assistance help at post 10 above. We are not refusing to help. There is nothing more we can write that the documentation does not already say. The documentation also includes a screenshots as well.

We also clarified the title of each of the sections we referred you to in case your browser might not be scrolling to the correct location.

We understand, that the main instance of Sierra Chart is working as you require. If not, let us know.

If you want to use another instance, use File >> New Instance:

In that second instance, the first step is to open a new chart, just to keep this simple at first, and make sure that chart receives historical data and updates in real-time. If not, then we will need to see the Message Log by following these instructions here:

You also failed to give me you bosses email..
You just need to use the support board. That is the email address.
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