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Post From: Manually Closing orders opened by a strategy

[2017-12-08 23:01:44]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68077

If any position is closed manually, subsequent BuyEntry and SellEntry orders return with Error Code -8998, Error String: Order entry skipped because full recalculation.
The only reason this error occurs is when calling one of the order entry functions when there is a full recalculation of the study:

Closing a position does not result in a full recalculation. That does not make sense. There must be some misunderstanding on your part or doing something to cause a full recalculation.

Is it possible to keep the strategy 'active' and place new orders, even after a position has been closed manually??
This does not make sense to us. First, we need to have clear terminology being used. "Strategy active" are not Sierra Chart terms.

If you close a Position, any Attached Orders associated with it, should be canceled.

Ultimately you can do whatever you want. You really should not have to ask us. You need to figure this out. You should not have to ask us about this.
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