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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 07:46:41 +0000

Post From: Resize window with changing scale

[2017-12-08 19:10:14]
User161390 - Posts: 14
I have attached before and after files. I used file upload instead of the screenshot instructions so you can see the desktop and window size.

See how after I resize the window (from large to small), the scale changes and everything is compressed vertically. I want to resize the window without the scale changing.

I have tried various scale range settings, but none seem to affect the behavior when resizing the window
imagebeforeResize.PNG / V - Attached On 2017-12-08 19:07:18 UTC - Size: 244.62 KB - 103 views
imageafterResize.PNG / V - Attached On 2017-12-08 19:07:25 UTC - Size: 1.2 MB - 105 views