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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 09:09:16 +0000

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[2017-12-08 18:40:35]
User98657 - Posts: 144
So that tells us that this problem is "systemic" (for lack of a better term) - meaning the issue is present regardless of getting the error message. If i'm telling SC to "save all" and it is not saving the charts, and there's no apparent error message, then obviously something is wrong from the start and the program is not operating correctly. And i don't say that to be accusatory, I'm trying to get some understanding of what's going on so i can try to find a solution.

So i just had a conversation with MS. From their perspective they really can't help me at this point.

They put it this way. They cannot state whether or not SC is compatible with Windows 10. They have no idea if you (SC) performed necessary upgrades to previous versions to ensure Win10 compatibility. And they also stated that Win10 is vastly different than 7 and there may very well be programs that did run on 7 that will need upgrading to run properly on 10.

With respect to our specific issue: They said the error message is being created by SC. They have no insight to SC (obviously) and therefore can't tell me what is causing the error. If, they said, the developers of the program can tell us why their program is generating the error they may be able to help me correct it if it is in fact a Win10 issue. So if you guys can tell me what exactly this "unhandled exception" refers to, or is caused by, i may be able to go back to them for help.