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Date/Time: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 02:34:37 +0000

Post From: Spreadsheets lose formulas

[2017-12-08 14:46:07]
User98657 - Posts: 145
so it happened again this morning. i lost all the current formulas an alert spreadsheet. i did not duplicate the chart this time. For some reason, it reverted back to a much earlier version of the sheet. i can tell it reverted back because there are only two formulas left in the sheet as opposed to the 6 columns i had working last night when i went to bed.

Also, while running in safe mode, SC locked up. Just sat there with a spinning wheel and a (program is not responding) on the title bar of the main window. I was eventually able to shut it down and restart it.

When i did restart and noticed the spreadhseet issue i tried to us "Save As" to see if i had renamed it as a back up. So i reattached the spreadsheet to the main window, clicked on Save As, and immediately got a "SierraChart.exe has stopped working" error.

This is all while in safe mode. I'm running in safe mode at your suggestion to ferret out another issue on "unhandled exceptions" - which, while running in safe mode, has not occurred.

There is a back up file from yesterday for my spreadsheet. The time stamp puts it a couple of hours before i stopped working, but it would be better than the one i have. i will try to shut down, restart in safe mode, and access the backup file from yesterday.