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Date/Time: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 01:57:10 +0000

Post From: YARI.. Yet Another Renko issue

[2017-12-08 11:39:52]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68089
This just simply relates to a floating-point comparison issue due to the nonstandard configuration.

We are figuring out the most stable solution. This may be seemingly simple but to do this properly is not so simple because when there are actual tick sizes which do not correspond to the Value Format you are using, it leads to scenarios which are not contemplated and preventing new bars from being formed. And it is necessary to do formatted comparisons, otherwise floating-point error can and does lead to problems.

Can you imagine the work this forced Renko update is bringing on you and on us ?
This is because we care to do things properly. There were issues previously that needed to be resolved. This is with absolute certainty. We have the full perspective, you do not. And the new Renko bars offer numerous modes which were not previously supported including the ability to show gaps. The new Universal Renko Bars which have been renamed, now work fully properly in all cases. Previously they were not.

The new code is properly structured and maintainable. We make absolutely no apologies here and our position is firm and as we said before we are willing to lose business over this. But that really is not going to be the case because any legitimate issues will be resolved and are resolved.

We should not be underestimated here.

The last issue that was raised simply involved the lack of millisecond time stamping for filler bars, and actually we realized that needed to be applied to other variable time frame bar types. So other bar types were improved related to that and this is all done in a proper unified way. This was something that was missing in the program for years.

Also we do not know what you mean by this:

*price not aligned with the scale

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