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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 04:32:53 +0000

Post From: Deleted Data Files Issue

[2017-12-07 20:45:16]
User186889 - Posts: 35
Hello Sierra

I think you have a Glitch in your program - I was having problems with charts so I decided to copy all the files from C: / SierraChart / Data and past them into a new C: / SierraChart /'Data Copy' folder. On selecting paste, Sierra deleted about 75% of my Charts including most of the latest stuff!!! That was months and months of research and effort down the drain; it has taken me so long to get the settings I want and now most of it is gone up in smoke - Please can you take a serious look at this 'error' in your system.
Regards, Mark Boast