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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 04:30:31 +0000

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[2017-12-07 19:51:27]
User98657 - Posts: 144
i would gladly downgrade to Win7, but i can't. MS has forced builders to move to Win10 and will not/has not provided the drivers i would need to run the machine.

i called the builder to see if i could simply strip Win 10 off the machine and load a fresh version of Win7. They said i would not be able to get the drivers for the chipsets on the machine and it would therefore not run. Believe me, if i could i'd go all the way back to XP. If my old machine were not failing i'd have stuck with it. now kind of wishing i had just found a way to rebuild that one.

i called MS and set up a tech support call with them. They called back, but unfortunately their server is down and i need to call back in a few hours. Go figure!!
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