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Date/Time: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 00:55:32 +0000

Post From: Sierra Charts screwed up as soon as hit start icon

[2017-12-07 11:50:06]
User275371 - Posts: 5
Dear Sierra,

Upon opening the Sierra Charts this is what I see: https://gyazo.com/5b06bd6afe86030abc1c53e2a3cf1cc0

I spent 3 hours yesterday f-ing around trying to get this running and this was with AMP futures. The guy working on it had no clue what the story was. I'm a consultant with clients and I don't have time to play technician. Can someone here help figure this out?
All my charts are going and I've got this stupid huge box at the top of the screen.

Yesterday really pissed me off because the guy working it went to uninstall just before a caught him and said: Whoa, I've got custom .dll's and literally hours spent building Chartbooks... is this going to impact those files... he's not sure... REALLY, are you kidding me??

In any case... AMP obviously has no clue how to fix this, can I get somebody to do some remote assistance on this puppy?

Thank you!