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Date/Time: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 15:50:05 +0000

Post From: Show exact trend line values ?

[2017-12-03 20:34:53]
User179195 - Posts: 6
hi thaNKS for your prior answer on how to show y-values for trendlines using the "chart values for tools" ...the part i cant work out is how to get an exact value for where a trendline will come in?

i know i can hover over the approximate area, but i need to know to the exact tick...if its 2610, then next day is 2620...obviously it comes in at 2630 on the 3rd day, but other charting packages (CQG / Bloomberg) will give you an exact calculation for that specific tendline...rather than just approximating over the area and getting a result....which is quite helpful for longer and more complex trendlines....any solve here? thanks v much. consdinering the full purchase. this would get me to sign up for sure.cheers. Kerrin.