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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 19:32:25 +0000

Post From: Flex Renko Charting Problem

[2017-12-02 22:11:43]
rwilliams1 - Posts: 212
I had to use a chart from another program because I no longer have the ability to take screenshots of the older SC Flex bars and what they looked like. But they were identical to the picture I displayed. But as you stated above, "you are more than happy to lose business over your recent Renko bars development..." That says it all and where your priorities are at...

The point was never whether the bars were correct or not, there was no debate on that issue. The issue was whether you were able to compromise and still keep a version of the older bars for those customers who still wanted to use them. And you've now made your point very clear. You don't care about losing those customer's business... After hearing that, there is not much for me to say. Smh
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