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Date/Time: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 20:05:00 +0000

Post From: CTS T4 Data feed dropping when I enter orders

[2017-12-01 08:40:39]
User169205 - Posts: 16
hello.. i'm having the same issue with my cts t4 fix data feed. sc, you have already replied to me in an acct support ticket;

sc: We need more information about this. Are you describing a condition where there is an occasional lag or stopping of data and then it resumes? Or just that there is no real-time data at all.

a: data locks up when an order is placed. after about 30-60 secs, multiple bars (ticks) will print at once.. the order on occasion will have been entered and the trade already in progress.

i forwarded my data service settings that you requested.. sc, requested to post again in the support forum.. please advise next steps.