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Date/Time: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 14:42:54 +0000

Post From: Flex Renko Charting Problem

[2017-12-01 00:04:35]
rwilliams1 - Posts: 212
I've just recently returned to using SC and noticed that the Flex Renko bars are not plotting as they have in the past. I use the 10-9-1 setting to create a trend channel and I'd plot OHLC bars on top of them which would show me the intrabar movement of the price.

However, it seems your most recent versions of SC do not plot as smoothly as before, and using the OHLC setting you can see that the the open and closes are occurring intrabar all over the place. I've tried every new setting available, and I configured all of the settings (Gap fill = none / new trend bar when range exceeded/new reversal bar when reversal amount met). But as you can see from the screenshot, there are open and closes at different places within the bars which never occurred in previous versions.

Can you please tell me what settings are needed to return to the simple/clean bars 10-9-1 channel bars as shown in the top portion of my attached screenshot? Or, if this is not possible, tell me what previous version of software I need to revert to, to get back to the original working version of Flex Renko? I don't care for the implementation of the current bars and prefer not to fight or debate about it as I've seen in a similar post. Thanks.
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