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Date/Time: Fri, 19 Oct 2018 21:07:16 +0000

Post From: Aligned Renko [New Trend Bar] selection not working current ver

[2017-11-29 00:27:07]
User528970 - Posts: 19
Thank you for implementation of above - New Trend Bar After Range Met | Allow Change Direction of Current Bar | New Reversal Bar When Reversal Amount Met.

1. The above has print errors - please see attached image SC-AR-1a.
2. The blue arrows point to incorrect reversal bar prints of only one bar instead of a minimum of two or more bars. Please see below a) and b) copied from above post #11:
a) 7. From the above it can be determined that every reversal has a minimum of two or more bars of the same price range - please see attachment Rail to Rail - 2 and SC - 2.
b) Bars 5 & 6 are formed between price rails 330 and 340. (minimum 2 or more more bars reversal)
3. Further to a) & b) the corresponding but now defunct [New Trend Bar When Range Met|New Reversal Reference Prior Close] incorporated in version 1644 (retained for reference and comparison) executes perfect prints in accordance with the described method and compares exactly to other alternative charting.
4. Ignore blue ring in attached image SC-AR-1a - it indicates daily 22:00 rollover break.

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