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Providing FIX Log to Support

The instructions below explain how to provide a FIX based service log to Sierra Chart support.

  1. It is first necessary to enable FIX logging if not already enabled. Select Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings. Enable the option Enable FIX Logging. If this option was previously disabled, then you will not have any FIX logs at this point in time.
  2. If Enable FIX Logging was enabled in the previous step, then reconnect to the trading server by selecting File >> Disconnect and File >> Connect to Data Feed to create a FIX log file with the initial data.
  3. Go to the [drive]:\SierraChart\Logs folder on your system.
  4. Locate the latest FIX log for the particular Trading service you are using or provide the log file containing the particular FIX messages with a Date-Time there needs to be an analysis for. The filename will be like [service name] FIX [YYYY-MM-DD] [HHMMSS].log.

    Where "service name" is the name of the Service as set in Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings.
  5. Send the log file to [Java Script Is Required. To View The Email, enable Java Script] or attach it to a Support Board posting. In the case of the Support Board posting, the log file can be privately attached so it remains secure and so that only Sierra Chart Support can see it.
  6. The FIX log file can also be directly provided to the actual Trading service provider you are connecting to, if they have requested it.
  7. The timestamps at the beginning of each line in the FIX log are in UTC time.

FIX Log Viewer Website

A useful parser to view FIX log data in an easy to read format is available through the FIX Parser website. This website is not affiliated with Sierra Chart in any way.

*Last modified Monday, 19th March, 2018.