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FIX Services Only Allow One Connection at a Time

Sierra Chart uses what is known as a FIX connection to some external Trading services. We are increasing the use of FIX because it is based upon a standardized protocol, there are no proprietary components that we have to use on the client-side to interface to an external Trading service, and we have a high degree of control over the connection to make troubleshooting issues easier for us.

Currently we use FIX for TT, FXCM, Currenex. We plan to use it in the near future for T4 and OEC.

When using a Trading service that uses a FIX connection, you can only connect one time per FIX account. The account is identified by the Sender Comp ID. So you cannot connect multiple times to the same FIX account from different running copies of Sierra Chart. In order to accomplish this, your broker must provide you with a second set of FIX connection details.

*Last modified Wednesday, 22nd February, 2023.