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Setting up a Group of Symbols for Easy Viewing as Charts or Quote Lines (Watch List)

Viewing a Group of Symbols As Charts

  1. Go to an existing chart or open a chart.
  2. Select Chart >> Associated Watch List. Each chart has its own associated watch list.
  3. Add all of the symbols you want to watch to this list. Press the Add button before adding each symbol. After pressing the Add button, type the symbol into the symbol text box at the bottom of the watch list window. Use the Find button to quickly locate a symbol and insert it.
  4. Enable the Watch List Mode option.
  5. This window can be remain open at all times.
  6. Make sure that Chart >> Only Symbols in Watch List is enabled.
  7. Select File >> Save to save your chartbook so that all of your symbols are saved.
  8. Simply click on a symbol in the list to change the chart to that symbol. Charts can be linked in order to change the symbol of other linked charts as well.
  9. An alternative way to move through the symbols is to press the plus + or minus - keys on your keyboard to go forward or backward among the symbols in list.

Viewing a Group of Symbols As Quote Lines

  1. Setup a Quote Board Spreadsheet that contains all the symbols that you want to look at. For complete instructions, refer to Getting Quotes.
  2. Once this is done, then you can use the Spreadsheet >> Open Historical Chart and Spreadsheet >> Open Intraday Chart commands to open up charts for your symbols on the Spreadsheet.

*Last modified Tuesday, 29th November, 2022.