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Futures Chart Not Updating or Not Updating Frequently


If a futures contract chart is not updating in real-time or not updating as frequently as expected, then the problem may be that trading has moved into the next contract month and there is either no trading or less trading in the futures contract month the chart is currently set to.

If this is the case and if the futures contract symbol is fully expired, you will see a message temporarily displayed on the chart when it is opened, that says Symbol is Expired.

To change the symbol of the chart to the current contract month, refer to the Changing to a New Futures Contract Month page.

Otherwise, refer to Intraday Chart or Chart Bars Not Updating.

Rolled Over To Soon to Next Contract Month

If a futures chart is not updating as frequently as expected, then you may have rolled over too soon to the next futures contract month when most of the trading activity is occurring in the prior futures contract month. In this case, simply change the symbol back to the prior contract month by following the Changing the Symbol of Chart instructions.

In this case also make sure that Automatically Rollover Futures Symbol is disabled in the Chart >> Chart Settings.

*Last modified Monday, 12th September, 2022.