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Error Starting the Advanced Custom Study Editor

There was an error starting the Advanced Custom Study Editor. C:\SierraChart\ACS_Source\MyStudy.cpp "C:\SierraChart\ACS_Source\MyStudy.cpp". Windows error: (193) %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

The above error can happen if you change the default source code editor to something that is not valid. In the case above, it has been changed to a source code (CPP) file. To correct this, you will need to change the editor back to a valid editor program.

The source code editor may not also exist at the location where it is currently set to. This will give a different Windows error.

Here are steps to change the source code editor back to the default editor:

  1. Run Sierra Chart if it is not running.
  2. Go to Analysis >> Build Custom Studies DLL on the menu.
  3. Press the Select Editor button on the Build Custom Studies window.
  4. On the confirmation box, press Yes.
  5. The file list should be set to the correct folder. If not, press the Folder button to go to the NPP subfolder within the Sierra Chart installation folder.
  6. Select the file notepad++.exe.
  7. Press the Open button.

*Last modified Wednesday, 22nd February, 2023.