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Missing Files After Upgrading Software

If you are missing Chartbook and chart data files after upgrading/updating the Sierra Chart program, then this can be caused by a few different reasons which are described below. Solutions are provided below as well.

  1. You have installed a newer or older version of Sierra Chart to a different folder than it was installed to before. Reinstall Sierra Chart to the folder on your system you installed to before.

    One way you can find the previous folder that Sierra Chart was installed to, is to search your computer drives for the file SierraChart_64.exe, and see what folder this file is located in.

    If you see this file in more than one folder, then you will need to determine which one is the correct installation to update. You will not have a problem with installing Sierra Chart to the wrong folder if you update Sierra Chart using the Help >> Download * commands.
  2. You have multiple installed copies of Sierra Chart and you are running a copy which is different than the copy that contains the Chartbooks and chart data files that you want to use. Search your system for the SierraChart.exe file to determine the location of the Sierra Chart instance that you want to run.
  3. Another reason you may be missing data files is if you changed the Data Files Folder in the General Settings window. This window can be opened by selecting Global Settings >> General Settings on the menu. If you changed the folder, then you need to move all the files from the old folder to the new folder.
  4. Another method to access files that are missing is to search your computer for your Sierra Chart data files. To do this, search your computer drives for *.cht files.

    When you find the folder that contains the Chartbooks you are looking for, select Global Settings >> General Settings >> Paths on the menu in Sierra Chart and change the Data Files Folder setting, to the path to the folder they are located in.

    You can then access your files normally by opening them with the commands on the File menu or select the Study Collections from the Analysis menu.

    It is recommended after you have found your files and have changed the Data Files Folder, if necessary, that you select File >> Clear Recent File List in case some of the listed items are located in the prior folder. We also recommend restarting Sierra Chart after changing the Data Files Folder in order to reconnect to the data feed and to reopen any existing Chartbooks. After updating the Data Files Folder, the prior folder is not a valid location any longer for Sierra Chart data files.
  5. Additionally, backups of Chartbook, Spreadsheets, configuration files and other files, except for chart data files, are always maintained. To access a backup Chartbook file, refer to Accessing a Backup Chartbook File.

*Last modified Sunday, 17th March, 2024.