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Window Size and Position Not Restored When Opening Chartbook

Window Size and Position Not Restored

Occasionally we receive reports from users of systems that have three or more monitors that when opening a saved Chartbook, the detached chart windows, Time and Sales windows, Market Depth windows, Chart Values windows, are not restored with the same size and position as previously set when saving the Chartbook.

This issue has been looked into many times previously by qualified engineers and we have determined it is a problem with either the operating system and/or the video driver being used. It is not a problem with Sierra Chart itself.

However, we did determine that in the case of detached chart windows, the repositioning could be caused by Sierra Chart by incorrectly determining a detached chart is offscreen and this potential issue is resolved in version 1849 and higher.

We definitely have not heard about this problem on single monitor systems. We do not think we have ever heard about the problem on 2 monitor systems. Occasionally we hear about the problem with a system that has three or more monitors.

One scenario we have seen that we have observed on one users system, is that when a window is restored to a previous size and position, it is like the operating system or video driver is determining that the window is being positioned to an offscreen location, which is not the case, and it is repositioning it to a default location on the main monitor.

Another scenario we have heard about which may not be related to the number of monitors is that if a chart window is sized to a small width, upon the restoring of that chart window upon opening a Chartbook, the width is then larger. Sierra Chart always restores a window using its prior position and size as returned by the operating system at the time the Chartbook is saved.

In the case of when using Windows 10, and you have dragged a particular window in Sierra Chart to the edge of a monitor and that window automatically fills up a portion of that monitor, when Sierra Chart gets the size and position of that window (GetWindowPlacement) the operating system will not return the current size and position of the window. The solution is to manually move and manually adjust the size and position so that Windows 10 returns the correct size and position through the GetWindowPlacement function.

If you have read this help topic or Sierra Chart support has referred you to this help topic, please do not contact Sierra Chart support about this problem again. We will not respond since this is not a Sierra Chart issue and we cannot help with it.

State of Child Windows in Main Sierra Chart Window

If you encounter a problem where when resizing the main Sierra Chart window and the Charts or Spreadsheet windows contained within that window are being repositioned or resized in some way, then make sure the title bars are enabled for each of the child window Charts by going to each chart and enabling the title bar by making sure there is a checkmark by Chart >> Show Title Bar.

Verifying Sierra Chart is Saving Window Size and Position Correctly

You are able to verify that Sierra Chart is saving the Size and Position of windows correctly, by positioning and resizing a window fully within the first or primary monitor on your system.

Save the Chartbook, close the Chartbook and reopen the Chartbook.

The windows should have the correct Size and Position.

*Last modified Wednesday, 22nd February, 2023.