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Telephone Support Policy

Telephone Support Policy

Sierra Chart does not have a publicly posted telephone number. Most of our support is provided through the Support Board - Online Support.

Telephone Support is provided at the discretion of Sierra Chart support and Sierra Chart Support will initiate the call to customers as necessary. This type of support is available at no cost to the user.

Telephone and remote assistance support is generally only used to resolve more quickly a basic operational issue or to get information about a problem that we need to resolve in our software or services.

If we decide to use it, we will get your contact information and use remote assistance to connect to your computer's desktop.

The information below and generally on this page is not applicable to those customers who represent a large number of individual customers like brokers, other large trading groups or educators. In these cases, we can provide telephone support as needed but we do prefer text based support as much as possible.

We prefer answering questions through our Support Board for the following reasons:

  • The questions on the Support Board are answered directly by our engineers who have the level of knowledge to quickly assist you. Our engineers can provide better assistance than a typical customer service representative on a telephone support line.
  • Our support board allows other users to benefit from frequently asked questions.
  • Due to the sophisticated nature of our software and the complexity of some issues, having a support board allows us to carefully review your issue before responding.
  • However, if you request from us one-on-one, personal support on your computer system, for something that we do not consider to be part of our paid service packages, there is an additional cost for this. This level of support is available for a fee of $0.80 per minute which is $48 USD per hour.

*Last modified Wednesday, 28th June, 2023.