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Realtime Chartbook Sharing


Real-time Chartbook sharing is a feature, allowing a user to share one of their Chartbooks in real time with other users. It is also possible to share Chartbooks, with yourself in other instances of Sierra Chart.

A Chartbook can be shared with one user, or multiple users. Sharing can be public or private. A Chartbook which is privately shared, requires that the user sharing the Chartbook specifies the other Sierra Chart usernames of who can access the Chartbook. A Chartbook which is shared publicly, can be accessed by any user who wishes to subscribe to the Chartbook.


This documentation is still in the process of being written.

To access the Chartbook sharing interface, follow the instructions below.

  1. From the Sierra Chart menu select File >> Chartbook Sharing >> Sharing Interface.
  2. To connect to the Real-time Chartbook sharing server, select File >> Chartbook Sharing >> Connect. To disconnect, select File >> Chartbook Sharing >> Disconnect.

*Last modified Tuesday, 02nd July, 2024.