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Quote Spreadsheet Settings

Quote Spreadsheet Settings

The Quote Spreadsheet Settings window is for specifying the fields to display for a Quote Request on a Spreadsheet and the order of those fields.

For more information about Quote Requests on Spreadsheets, refer to Quotes on Spreadsheets.

The settings in this window apply to all Quote Request lines in all open Spreadsheets.

Color Settings and Sort Settings are also set through this window.

To display this window, select Global Settings >> Quote Spreadsheet Settings on the menu.

Configuring Quote Request Line Fields

To configure the fields for quote lines on a Spreadsheet, select Global Settings >> Quote Spreadsheet Settings.

Fields Available (list box)

Lists all the available fields other than the ones already added.

Add (button)

Adds the selected field in the Fields Available list to the Fields to Display list.

Remove (button)

Removes a field from the Fields to Display list and adds it to the fields available list

Fields to Display (list box)

Lists the fields to display in a quote line on a Spreadsheet. The order they appear in the list is the order in which they will be displayed.

Move Up (button)

Moves the selected field up.

Move Down (button)

Moves the selected field down.

OK (button)

Save changes you have made and closes the window. Changes will only be displayed on the spreadsheets when you are connected to the data feed.

Cancel (button)

Cancels changes and closes the window.

Field Descriptions

Refer to the Field Descriptions section on the Getting Quotes page.

Color Settings

Sort Settings

For the documentation for Sort Settings, refer to the Sorting section on the Getting Quotes page.

*Last modified Friday, 09th December, 2022.