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Global Data Feeds (India) Data Service

Global Data Feeds India


Sierra Chart supports the Global Data Feeds data feed from India.

The DTC Protocol is used as the communication protocol between Sierra Chart and the Global Data Feeds server.

This page contains instructions prepared by Global Data Feeds.

What is Included

  • Streaming Real-Time Data: Yes.
  • Historical Intraday Data: Yes.
  • Historical Daily Data: Yes.
  • Historical BidVolume and AskVolume: No. It is not possible to determine the Bid Volume and Ask Volume from the historical data. Therefore, for the times you are not connected to the data feed, you will have zero values for Bid Volume and Ask Volume. For data collected in real-time by Sierra Chart, there will be Bid Volume and Ask Volume.
  • Live Trading Services: No.
  • Simulated Trading: Yes by using Sierra Chart Trade Simulation Mode
  • Order Types Supported: All in Trade Simulation Mode.
  • Automated Trading (applies to Live or Simulated): Yes.

Setup Instructions

In Sierra Chart to use Global Data feeds, select Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings. Set the Service to Global Data Feeds - DTC. Press OK.

How to take free trial:

  1. user should download latest version of SierraChart platform which supports our datafeed
  2. Download latest version of our data product from our website from this page:https://globaldatafeeds.in/download/ . There is Common Installer for NimbleDataPlusLite / NimbleDataPlusLiteVM / NimbleDataProPlus / NimbleDataProPlusVM- currently available here: https://globaldatafeeds.in/resources/GFDL_NimbleDataProPlus_Setup_210.exe
  3. Speak to our Sales Team on +91-253-2582002 and activate trial during working hours
  4. Speak to our support team on +91-253-2582002 (or email, live chat) if they face any integration issues
  5. User guide: https://globaldatafeeds.in/articles/nimbledataproplus-for-sierra-chart/

Purchase Information - To purchase, users will need to buy any of the following 4 products:

  1. NimbleDataPlusLite (supports any 15 or 100 instruments at a time per Exchange Segment on desktop): https://globaldatafeeds.in/nimbledatapluslite
  2. NimbleDataPlusLiteVM (supports any 15 or 100 instruments at a time per Exchange Segment on Server / VM): https://globaldatafeeds.in/nimbledatapluslitevm
  3. NimbleDataProPlus (supports any 225 instruments at a time per Exchange Segment on desktop): https://globaldatafeeds.in/nimbledataproplus
  4. NimbleDataProPlusVM (supports any 225 instruments at a time per Exchange Segment on Server): https://globaldatafeeds.in/nimbledataproplusvm

For queries related to Sales, Support or Billing, contact our team over telephone, email, livechat or remote desktop: https://globaldatafeeds.in/contact-us/

*Last modified Friday, 03rd January, 2020.