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Data And Trading Service Provider Integration with Sierra Chart

Integration Methods to Sierra Chart

Sierra Chart supports the open specification DTC Protocol.

If you are a Data or Trading service provider and your services support the DTC Protocol, Sierra Chart will automatically be compatible with your systems.

For the documentation for the protocol, refer to http://dtcprotocol.org/.

Sierra Chart can also integrate to your Data or Trading service using the following message/communication protocols and data formats: FIX, HTTP, JSON, XML, proprietary or comma delimited data formats. Both secure TLS and nonsecure connections are supported.

Once integration is done using either of the 2 above methods, Sierra Chart has the systems and ability to redistribute your real-time and historical market data through our own systems if agreed upon. This means that we will only maintain 1 or 2 market data connections to your systems and redistribute the data through our own systems.

Trading from Sierra Chart client instances can either go direct to your own server or they will go through a central managed server we provide.

By using a market data connection to your system, Sierra Chart can also maintain historical Intraday and Daily market data for Sierra Chart users. We much prefer to maintain historical data for our customers. It is much faster and more reliable.

Sierra Chart Customization for Your Service

If you are an established Data or Trading service, and you write a server which follows the DTC Protocol, contact us at [Java Script Is Required. To View The Email, enable Java Script] so we can add a custom listed service within Sierra Chart that connects to your service using this protocol.

*Last modified Friday, 26th October, 2018.