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ACSIL Study Documentation Interface Members


The following ACSIL (Advanced Custom Study Interface and Language) interface members on this page are used to document an Advanced Custom Study.

When a custom study is added by selecting Analysis >> Studies >> Add Custom Study >> [Custom Study Name], the Display Study Documentation button can be pressed which will generate a HTML page that is opened in the Web browser which documents the study using the data you have set with the members documented here.

Documentation Members

SCString sc.StudyDescription

The sc.StudyDescription text string can be set to the description you want for your study. It can contain HTML.

sc.Input[].SetDescription(SCString InputDescription)

The sc.Input[].SetDescription() function takes a text string which sets a description for the specified sc.Input[]. It can contain HTML.

SCString sc.DocumentationImageURL

The sc.DocumentationImageURL text string can be set to an internet URL specifying an image file which shows an example of the study output.

*Last modified Thursday, 06th January, 2022.