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Date/Time: Tue, 31 Mar 2020 02:41:47 +0000

keyboard shortcuts problems

[2014-09-28 18:15:37]
User30743 - Posts: 245 | Ending Date: 2020-05-06
hi, ive been facing quiet a lot of problems with the keyboard shortcuts. because i need to use them quite often, it drives me crazy when it doesnt work well

here are the problems i am faicing:

1) part of the shortcuts i have set simply dont work - it is really strage, for example today ive been re-making it at least five times. i use about 10 charts in my main chartbook and need to swich between them quite quickly with the shortcuts, but they somehow dont stay set the way i made them. really weird because for exemaple keyoboard shortcuts i use FOR DRAWING TOOLS are set and stay the way i made them without any problems. the shortcust FOR SWITCHING CHARTS dont work

i have:
- 4 2-minutes chart and with SHIFT + 1,2,3,4
- 4 30-minutes charts and assigned them SHIFT + Q,W,E,R
- 4 250-minutes charts and assigned them SHIFT + A,S,D,F
- 4 day-charts and assigned them SHIFT + Y,X,C,V

i save them, save the chartbook and close sierra, when i open it again, they are completely messed.. this is really annoaying.. today it happened repeatedly.

2) another problem with the shortcuts that i am facing is following: i use 2 chartbooks (lets call it " the main one" - i was describing above) and second one - lets call it "the helping one". when i switch from "main one" to "the helping one" and click with cursor into one of the charts there, and then switch back to the "main" chartbook and want to use some keyboard shortcuts for switching charts it this "main chartbook", they simply dont work at all - they dont react at all - and i need to click on the CW on the upper line, and swithc betwen charts with mouse. AFTER I CLICK ON THE CW, the shortcuts start to work normally, they start to react and everything works ok. the stargne thing is, that this doesnt happen when i dont use cursor in the "helping chartbook". for example, im watching my "main chartbook" when i switch from the "main chartbook" to the "helping chartbook" and ONLY WATCH IT, WITHOUT USING CURSOR IN IT, and then quickly switch back to the "main chartbook", all the shortcuts imediately works well, without the need to click on CW and use mouse for the switching.

i hope i explained it understandably, although it may sound confusing - it is quite a common thing that i switch between chartbooks and between charts in one of the chartbooks because i dont have two monitors and trade four markets at once. so i really need the shortcuts to work well.

could you please tell me what to do to make it work properly or could you please fix it somehow. it is quite important for me..
[2014-09-28 19:30:15]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 82871 | Ending Date: 2020-06-09
We are not understanding this:

- 4 2-minutes chart and with SHIFT + 1,2,3,4
- 4 30-minutes charts and assigned them SHIFT + Q,W,E,R
- 4 250-minutes charts and assigned them SHIFT + A,S,D,F
- 4 day-charts and assigned them SHIFT + Y,X,C,V

What do these do exactly and it does not make sense to have four letters for a particular keyboard shortcut.

2. We do not fully understand the details of this. Generally problems like this are going to be operating system problems. If the keyboard shortcut is meant for a chart, make sure the particular chart is active by clicking somewhere on it.
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[2014-10-09 17:36:28]
User30743 - Posts: 245 | Ending Date: 2020-05-06
the point is that the shortcuts for switching charts in chartbook simply dont work well.

i have about 20 charts in one chartbook and need to switch between them quickly with the shortcuts - and it simply dont work - sometimes they do work, sometimes they dont - it is really very unreliable and one needs to switch charts with mouse click on CW with is not pleasant. the shortcuts are messed everyday and i have to re-define them again and again..

strange enough because shortcuts for other things (drawing etc.) work nice from the very first time i have set them

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