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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Oct 2018 17:20:51 +0000

[User Discussion] - Intrument HIGH OR LOW for the day ALERTS

Support Request:
[2013-03-24 02:12:28]
SherKhan - Posts: 19

I wanted to setup an daily high and low alerts for few of instruments that I monitor such as NQ/DOW/Financials, etc. Basically, whenever NQ makes a new High or Low for the day I wanted an alert sound.

I tried it with Daily OHLC and High Low Timeframe studies but it does not work as I expect it.
Here is what I did.

1. Lets say for NQ chart which is setup only for RTH session, I added two Daily OHLC studies.
2. One of the study displaying only High of the day and second will display only Low of the day
3. For High value, I setup Alert for the High "=SG2>SG2[-1]"
4. For Low value, I setup Alert for the High "=SG3<SG3[-1]"
5. I have also setup Alert sound for each of them.
6. Reset Alert condition on new bar is set to false, Alert only once per bar is set to false and Evaluate on bar close is set to false.

But it is not working. I noticed that SG2 refers to current bar and SG2[-1] refers to previous bar. I was expecting SG2[-1] will refer to previous high and I can compare between the two. I didn't want to setup one alert at the chart level then you end up creating several charts per alter you want. It will work better if an alert is set at study level.

Let me know if I am not setting up correctly.



imageSierra Chart - ALERT Issue - OHLC.png / V - Attached On 2013-03-24 02:11:12 UTC - Size: 105 KB - 261 views
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[2013-03-24 02:43:52]
M5amhan - Posts: 468
there is a study named New Daily High/Low Alert

this may do what you are looking for
[2013-03-24 06:44:14]
SherKhan - Posts: 19
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried to setup my chart with New High/Low Alert and ran a replay function to test. But no alert sound. It did not work.
[2013-03-24 14:11:50]
tomgilb - Posts: 1972
Try this:

Add the Daily OHLC study, set the Reference Days back to 0, set Graph High and Low Historically to Yes, and put this on the Alerts tab:


You can check Hide Study, if you don't want to see the lines.
[2013-03-24 23:33:24]
SherKhan - Posts: 19
Yes that seems to be working.

[2013-03-25 15:23:20]
LadyTrader - Posts: 19
This can also be done under the Auto Retracement Project and setting the highest high and the lowest low for the day

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