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Date/Time: Sun, 01 Oct 2023 11:58:55 +0000

cut drawing to left or right

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[2013-05-08 06:22:06]
4646ed - Posts: 230
I know you're busy, no need to respond. small request if time ever presents itself: cut drawing for horizontal line would be great if it had a "to the left" or "to the right option"; same with other drawings: vertical line: "cut up from this point" or "cut down from this point"; same for rectangles, ellipses, etc would be good too. (sorry to bug you while you are chasing the great hairy beast microsoft from your code...glad you are doing it...if it makes SC compatible with other OSs it will be a great boon)
[2013-05-09 09:02:43]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Please have a look at the Horizontal Ray drawing tool. It does what you require.

It would be hard for us to support cutting of a Vertical Line.

For Rectangles and ellipses, we recommend just adjusting one side to get the same effect as cutting it.
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[2013-05-10 08:36:19]
4646ed - Posts: 230
Yes, you are right, horizontal ray works that way. Ok, and ellipses and rectangles can be reshaped, okay, but the vertical line is a problem. One of the problems I find with the time line study (which I wrote to you about a year or more back but never got a satisfactory answer) is that the line in region 1 doesn't extend very high, especially if you compress the chart (which I do frequently), so I use the vertical line, but sometimes I would like to cut it because it obscures the length of candle wicks that it covers. So either finally fix the time line study so the bars in region one extend upwards when you compress the chart or let me cut the vertical line. Once again I apologize for bothering you with small stuff that really doesn't matter. just a few nudges further towards perfection...
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