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Date/Time: Mon, 17 Jun 2024 08:19:04 +0000

Continuous print and clustering like Bookmap?

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[2024-05-22 03:48:57]
Mattx - Posts: 12
I'm trying to create a chart similar to Bookmap. I believe I already achieved a pretty similar tool, except for two things. Please let me know if it's somehow possible.

1. Bookmap prints a line (bid/ask) even if there's no volume at a given bar. The line is printed continuously, so you can see how the bid/ask changed over time when there are no dots. I tried with a bar period of less than 100ms and enabled "do not draw columns with no data" and "include columns with no data" (both yes). However, I couldn't find a way to get the chart updated when there's no volume at all.

Can this be done, or the best we can do is print all empty bars only when a new bar with volume is reached?

2. Regarding the "large volume trade indicator" is it possible to sum the volume and print together small dots (i.e. clustering)?

I've attached two screenshoots to illustrate my points.
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imageBookmap_1.PNG / V - Attached On 2024-05-22 03:54:08 UTC - Size: 19.63 KB - 42 views
imageBookmap_2.PNG / V - Attached On 2024-05-22 03:54:11 UTC - Size: 15.39 KB - 45 views
[2024-05-22 13:56:50]
John - SC Support - Posts: 32379
1. There is not a way to do this. The Bid/Ask information is only stored when there are trades, so you will get a line that connects those trades and if you have columns showing where there was no data, then the Bid/Ask lines will not show through them properly.

2. We are not sure we understand the question.

Apart from the one Draw Mode option for "Based On Max Volume", the Large Volume Trade Indicator sums up all the volumes above the given threshold and displays that total volume. Refer to the information here:
Large Volume Trade Indicator
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