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Date/Time: Mon, 17 Jun 2024 08:15:41 +0000

Trade activity log and SL which automatically adjusts the size

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[2024-04-25 16:44:15]
User497465 - Posts: 35
Dear Sierra Chart Support,

i've got 2 problems.

1. my trade activity log works. but not as it should. for ES, NQ and YM it worked very well, but with GC and CL i've some problems. these were only shown, when i opened the special markets. for example. when i use my quotebook to change from a market to GC, the trade activity log isn't showing CL. Does i switch to CL, it isn't showing GC. When i switch to ES/NQ/YM, i can't see GC and CL in the trade activity log.
Does i forgot a check mark anywhere? or how can this happen?
No problems with ES, NQ and YM, these markets were shown all the time as it should generally be.

2. what can i do, that sierra chart automatically adjusts the size. for example i've got a size of 2 in the market and want add 2 more. i've to adjust the size of the SL, so that all is same. when i get filled, have a size of 4 in the markets and a SL of 4. Also when i take one out, i've to manually adjust the size of SL. sometimes it's very hard, when i'm trading 2 or more markets at the same time.
I know that i can use the trade window. but when i trade a size of 2 or more and i only want to take one out (first TP), i've to put the second TP somewhere in the univers (1000 ticks away or something like that, because of my manually exit strategy). the most annoying part is opening a second position (add size to the first entry / position) i've got a new SL and new TP's. i just want that it add the new size to the existing SL and nothing more. Do you understand what i try to tell you?
i dream of a possibility to click market and the new position size is added to the existing SL. i can use one TP for an exit to half my position or take only one out, so that the rest should run and i take manually the SL. is this possible? when yes, how?
[2024-04-25 17:46:56]
John - SC Support - Posts: 32379
1. Are the orders for these symbols all Simulated or all Non-Simulated?

2. The only way to do what you are wanting is to put separate orders in for the Targets and Stops. Using the "Attached Orders" within Sierra Chart, you are setting up OCO pairs. As such, you can not have different quantities in the Targets and Stops, otherwise, you can not cancel an order when the other one fills.
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