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Date/Time: Fri, 23 Feb 2024 17:12:21 +0000

[User Discussion] - Great way to replay charts

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[2024-02-12 11:31:52]
masilver - Posts: 16
I think replaying is critical to learning to trade and a great way to replay from anywhere in your house or even beyond is with an iPad.

I'm an android guy, but my wife has an iPad with an Apple pencil, something I would never buy. However, I'm able to remote desktop into my PC and trade quite effectively using the pencil.

I can also do it from outside the house since I have a VPN setup.

Anyway, it's a great setup, if you are looking to replay more often.
[2024-02-13 06:44:34]
User61168 - Posts: 303
I can also do it from outside the house since I have a VPN setup.
Great idea masilver. I have tried this option with SC running on a remote VPS server in Chicago and the network latency of RDP connection was just terrible for the screen to catch up on a fast replay. Even live trading was painful via RDP connection to the server.

1)Could you please share the steps involved in using your computer as a 'server' and then use VPN to remotely connect to your home network? I think this will address the network latency issue.
2) I would also like to know the steps involved in remotely accessing my laptop from within my home network (without VPN).

I would greatly appreciate it.

p.s. I am using new HP laptop with "Windows 11 Home" I purchased last year
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[2024-02-13 12:29:27]
masilver - Posts: 16
I use remote desktop, which is all you need if you are within your home network. You have to configure the computer running SC to allow remote desktop connections.

Regarding the VPN, that does get a little more complicated. Depending upon which router you're using, it may have a VPN built in. Some do have a VPN but don't make it easy to configure. I run a router that is essentially a computer that runs FriendlyWRT, which has a plug-in to run a Wireguard VPN. I strongly recommend Wireguard since it's probably the fastest VPN available.

I've also used OpenVPN. Both of these require additional software on the computer you're connecting with. Both are open source and available for phones, tablets and computers.

I have AT&T fiber, which probably helps with my latency as well, but they also require the use of their router, so I had to forward the wire guard ports to access my internal router.

You could probably also port forward the remote desktop ports on your router directly to your machine running SC. I'm a little less comfortable with that, since I believe there has been RDP exploits and that has the potential to expose your computer on the internet.

I also have a domain that points to my public facing IP address, so I can use that to connect.

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