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Date/Time: Fri, 23 Feb 2024 16:40:33 +0000

Cross hair value blacked out

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[2024-02-12 02:16:25]
User885565 - Posts: 17

I’ve just updated my Sierra chart version and all is well except that the value of where the cross hair is. Now it seems to be blacked out rectangular box and it does not show the value. Can anyone let me know how to get it so that on the cross hair it shows a value and not a black box?

Thanks in advance for your help.
[2024-02-12 03:41:34]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 12922
Regarding this refer to the version notes for 2595 here:
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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[2024-02-13 04:36:02]
User885565 - Posts: 17
Thank you.

I absolutely dread asking for help on these Sierra Chart forums because the answers given, while super prompt, are so difficult to understand. I'm a trader not a programmer.

So it seems that the bug will have been fixed on the version out on 4th Feburary.

I updated the version and on the market profile page the issue is now fixed (thank you) but on the bar chart pages, for the Croshairs, it is still a black box for the price level and the time.
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[2024-02-13 08:23:15]
User431178 - Posts: 393
From the linked item:

"New text color setting for the Price and Time boxes for the Chart Values tool. This color setting is in the Graphics Settings window. The name of the color setting is Chart Values: Price and Time Boxes Text Color. You may need to change this color setting to set it to what you require. Otherwise, the text may not be visible."

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