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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Apr 2024 21:20:02 +0000

[User Discussion] - Log Scale Padding Broken

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[2024-02-10 05:33:57]
esMike - Posts: 67
Hello, would it be possible for you to fix padding for Log Scale charts?

Percentage padding doesnt add any space to the top or bottom. Maybe use fixed top/bottom padding for log scale if it's an issue?
[2024-02-10 05:46:12]
esMike - Posts: 67
I was able to fix it for myself by making this chart spacer study, but you should still fix log scale padding.

    int barsOnChart = sc.IndexOfLastVisibleBar - sc.IndexOfFirstVisibleBar;
    sc.Highest(trueHigh, highestBar, barsOnChart);
    sc.Lowest(trueLow, lowestBar, barsOnChart);

    float chartRange = highestBar[sc.Index] - lowestBar[sc.Index];

    if (trueMedian[sc.Index] > trueMedian[sc.Index - 1]) {
      hiddenChartSpacer[sc.Index] = trueHigh[sc.Index] + chartRange * 0.02f;
    else if (trueMedian[sc.Index] < trueMedian[sc.Index - 1]) {
      hiddenChartSpacer[sc.Index] = trueLow[sc.Index] - chartRange * 0.02f;

[2024-02-10 21:23:29]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 14047
Yes definitely develop your own solution. There is not anything broken. This is by design:
would it be possible for you to fix padding for Log Scale charts?

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