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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Apr 2024 22:55:52 +0000

[User Discussion] - Input multiple Support/resistance levels with copy/paste?

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[2024-02-08 02:21:22]
58LesPaul - Posts: 429
I follow a gentleman that posts his support and resistance levels in his newsletter and there are multiple levels. Can a study be written where I can input all the support levels into one place and all the resistance levels in another in the following format?

5009 (major), 5000-4999, 4990 (major), 4984 (major), 4777, 4770, 4965-67 (major), 4961, 4956, 4951, 4946, 4940-42 (major), 4933, 4925-27 (major), 4918-20 (major), 4913, 4900-02, 4892, 4881-86 (major), 4875, 4868, 4860, 4850 (major), 4842-44 (major), 4837, 4828-32 (major), 4822, 4817, 4808, 4800-02 (major), 4796, 4792, 4787 (major).

And have the study plot the major levels, 4984 (major), as a solid line, the levels like 5000-4999 as a filled in rectangle and levels like 4777 with a dashed line?

[2024-02-08 02:39:00]
User43 - Posts: 88
I'm quite sure you can do that with ACSIL.

But you could also just use the "Horizontal Lines Study" to set up the levels.
[2024-02-11 06:29:10]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 14049
We recommend using this Study:
Horizontal Lines

We are also developing a new study to do something like this as well.
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[2024-03-07 01:02:55]
58LesPaul - Posts: 429
The Horizontal Line study will not create rectangles for those levels that are listed as 5145-48(major). Also, I usually have close to 60 different levels to input so this would be very time consuming. Someone created a study in TradingView where you just copy/paste those lists on levels and it automatically plots them, solid line for (major) and dotted line when (major) is not listed. It also plots the 5145-48(major) level as a rectangle.
[2024-03-07 02:40:20]
User584084 - Posts: 233

1) The Google Sheet is password protected. Go to File >> New Spreadsheet. Create new a spreadsheet. Then copy the spreadsheet data from the password protected spreadsheet to the new spreadsheet.

2) Click the Share button in the upper right hand corner. Allow General access to anyone with the link.


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