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Date/Time: Sun, 03 Mar 2024 21:54:08 +0000

What Services to re-activate

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[2023-11-30 17:05:13]
julescarter - Posts: 1
I was away for a couple months and had to cancel my subscriptions, now I don't know which ones I had active before. Is there any way I can be pointed in the right direction? This site is very intuitive to navigate and nowhere can I find what I was previously subscribed to. I just want to trade again now that I'm back.
[2023-11-30 17:59:09]
John - SC Support - Posts: 29568
The best way to view what you had active last, is to select the link for "View Recurring Services" on the Main Control Panel for your account on our website.

But, since you have already activated items for your account, it is now showing what you have currently activated, and not what you had previously. Therefore, you would need to look at your "Transaction Log" in order to view what you had activated historically. You can view this information by selecting the link for "View Transaction Log and Payment Receipts" from the Main Control Panel for your account on our website.

In your case, prior to the currently active items, you had the following active:
- Package 10 for 1 month
- Full CME Group with Market Depth


We want to point out that you activated the "Full CME Group with Market Depth" today (November 30) and the exchanges renew on a monthly basis. Therefore, you have paid the full amount (as the exchanges are not pro-rated) for this one last day of November. You will then have to pay another $34.25 tomorrow (December 1) in order to get the data for December.

We can not give a refund or undo this, as these funds go to the exchanges and they do not give refunds.
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