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Date/Time: Thu, 20 Jun 2024 18:27:40 +0000

Trailing Stop as a Percentage

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[2014-07-25 11:59:58]
JayShea - Posts: 92
Should I want to protect 70% of any profit in a current trade (as opposed to a set tick amount), it's not clear how that should be programmed.

For example: I buy EURUSD and after 10-p profit the trailing stop is triggered. If I want to protect 70% (or 7-p), as profit (touch wood) increases, the gap between 70% stays the same as a percentage but not as a value. E.G. At 10-p profit I have 3-p between my 70% and the 10-p profit. At 20-p profit I have 6-p between my 70% and the 20-p profit. This example indicates my goal.

Does current programming support this?


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