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Tick indexes not loading

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[2023-11-11 17:15:23]
User394081 - Posts: 12
I have been using TICK-NYSE_NASDAQ_NYSEMKT for quite awhile. Today I wanted to try TICK_SP and it wouldn't load. I tried TICK_NYSE and it wouldn't load either. Any reason one market stat would load OK but others won't?
[2023-11-12 05:13:40]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 13073
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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[2023-11-12 07:08:06]
User394081 - Posts: 12
Working now, thank you very much.

Very strange. I understand I had a typo in my post TICK-SP not TICK_SP, but I had been using the "available symbols" menu to configure the study. Meaning it should have worked. It is working now so no problems.

Either way, thank you for the response and I am a very satisfied customer.

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