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Date/Time: Sat, 13 Apr 2024 09:22:24 +0000

[User Discussion] - Three profiles for one session, visually spaced/separated

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[2023-10-21 18:48:29]
EverEdge - Posts: 10

I'm wondering if there is any way to display 3 profile graphics for one day (or other time aggregation - but same session start and end) without visual overlap. I have a TPO study and 2 VbP studies. The visual separation of the TPO graphic from 1 VbP graphic appears to happen by default. The TPO graphic is on the left, and VbP on the right, whichever way the latter faces. (VbP volume graph period type is set to 'based on TPO chart'). But I am trying to display 2 VbP graphs. One is a regular volume profile (display volume in bars: total volume) and the other is a delta profile (display volume in bars: ask volume - bid volume). Near as I can tell (researched the forums and tried all the settings I can find), the only way to visually separate 2 VbP graphics on the same aggregation appears to be to set "right align volume bars" to "yes" in one and "no" in the other. That at least changes the orientation of the 2 VbPs so they don't completely overlap each other. But it's still congested and very difficult to read, especially because in some markets, I turn on the actual numbers (display volume or delta in bars). I can expand the X axis in an exaggerated fashion to separate the 2 VbP studies more, but that messes up the aspect ratio and the horizontal real estate diminishes such that there are not nearly enough profiles visible at one time to read the context.

I also tried creating custom periods in the TPO itself - but if you create 2 custom periods with the same start and end time, it doesn't display 2 profiles. If that were possible, a workaround might be to have 2 TPOs for the same session (say, an RTH session), and have 2 VbP studies (one set to total volume, the other to delta), then somehow hide the second TPO so only the delta profile study is displayed to the right of the first graphic which has the TPO and the regular VP. I have not found a way to implement this idea. Hopefully, what I'm trying to accomplish is clear enough. I'm simply trying to visually space and separate a TPO graphic, a VbP graphic set to total volume, and another VbP graphic set to delta (ask volume - bid volume), all 3 on the same session, with the same start and end times. Is this feasible? Thanks!
[2023-10-23 14:59:14]
John - SC Support - Posts: 30833
There is no support for having multiple Volume by Price profiles associated with the TPOs. You can only have the one Volume by Price associated with the TPOs and then you can have other single Volume by Price profiles that are aligned to the far right. Refer to the following:
Volume By Price Study: Set as Independent Volume Profile for TPO Chart

Volume By Price Study: Right Aligning Volume Profiles with Space on Right Side of Chart
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[2024-01-27 20:32:24]
User302605 - Posts: 23
Hello EverEdge--I just wanted to follow-up on your post to inquire whether you ever found an alternative solution to your TPO, volume and delta questions. The best I have been able to do is create one VbP study to the right of each split 30-minute period and select Ask Volume - Bid Volume, TotalVolume for Display Volume in Bars (see the attached file). Is this what you would like to see? I would ideally like to see TotalVolume to the left of the delta numbers and for each column to be right justified, but I do not know if that is possible.

Also, do you know how to AUTOMATICALLY split TPOs into their own periods, instead of having to manually split each period individually? There is a feature to Undo All Splits in This Profile or Undo All Splits For This Chart, but no such functions to Split All Periods for This Profile.
attachmentSplit TPO, Delta, Volume.pdf - Attached On 2024-01-27 20:31:03 UTC - Size: 628.4 KB - 38 views

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