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Date/Time: Sun, 03 Mar 2024 22:38:43 +0000

Color Bar Based on Delta Volume

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[2023-10-17 13:23:59]
Kilian Le Gall - Posts: 1

I want to color my candlestick reversal bar based on delta volume, i looked for forum support but i didn't find it.

I want one color if the delta is positiv and another for negativ delta.

I think i need to do this with the study : Color Bar based on alert condition and ask volume bid volume difference text, if the value is above 0, color green for example and if it's below 0 color red.

That's right ?

Witch code did i use ? Thank you
[2023-10-17 18:19:12]
John - SC Support - Posts: 29568
To do what you want do the following:
- Add the "Numbers Bars Calculated Values" study to your chart. By default the first subgraph is set to visible, which is the Bar Delta.

- Add the "Color Bar Based on Alert Condition" study to your chart. Within this study set the following:
- Based On: "Numbers Bars Calculated Values:
- Output When Condition True: Use Input Data
- Input Data: Ask Volume Bid Volume Difference
- On the Subgraphs tab, select the first subgraph (Color Bar) and change the setting for "Auto-Coloring" to be "Based on +/-".
- For this same subgraph, you will now see two color options to the left, change these colors as you want, the first will be when the Delta is positive and the second for when the delta is negative.
- On the Alerts Tab for this study enter the following for the alert:

This will make it so the alert is always true, in which case the bars will be colored based on the +/- of the delta.
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