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Date/Time: Sat, 13 Apr 2024 00:02:51 +0000

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[2024-02-12 10:39:32]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 105
Thank you.

This is a very good practice to check the source code and compile it by yourself.
[2024-02-12 15:54:53]
bradh - Posts: 848
I always ask developers (whether freeware or paid) to provide source code for me to compile locally on my machine instead of just the dlls

While that may help you feel better, unless you can read and understand what the source code is doing, compiling it yourself won't give you different results. You may end up with a larger DLL depending on how you compile it.

Have you asked the developers of Sierra Chart for the source code? :)

As a developer, it would be foolish for me to do anything but what the study is supposed to do. This is a small community, and if word got around that I was creating malicious code, that would likely be the end of my work with Sierra Chart. I think 99.99% of all custom study developers feel the same way. I have never heard of any examples of custom studies doing bad, unknown things outside of Sierra Chart.
[2024-02-29 14:03:27]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 105
A new version of the Sierra++ website is online, including many animated screenshots of the product with fullscreen view, a resources page with partners, and an improved nagivation from mobile. https://sierra-pp.com
[2024-03-04 11:28:54]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 105
New release 17, including a Heatmap Editor for the Market Depth Historical Graph study.

Please find detailed information about this release here : https://sierra-pp.com/releases/v17/
[2024-03-04 19:25:32]
ertrader - Posts: 638
At some point, ideally, SC will have a native Linux version. When/if this occurs, what are your thoughts for supporting native Linux? I started the following thread a few years ago as I remove MS Windows from my life.


Edit...I do see now where you say it is possible.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2024-03-04 19:32:43
[2024-03-04 20:50:18]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 105
Yes I confirm.

And FYI it is already possible to use Sierra++ under Linux with Wine.
[2024-03-19 11:25:45]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 105
Release 19 is online, including a new Add Study picker with textual search ! This picker currently includes the 481 built-in studies available with Sierra Chart 2567.

Full description here with animated screenshots : https://sierra-pp.com/releases/v19/
[2024-03-23 15:26:05]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 105
A quick release to help checking and comparing charts Session Times & Time Zones, Days To Load, etc : https://sierra-pp.com/releases/v20/

This is a full update, it is required to restart Sierra Chart. Minimal version is still 2567.
[2024-04-06 10:39:05]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 105
Release 21 is online. This is a technical and bug fix release, no new feature.

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