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Date/Time: Fri, 01 Dec 2023 09:59:30 +0000

[Sticky] - User Contribution: Sierra++

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[2023-10-11 09:24:19]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 11668
User contribution:

We are pleased to introduce Sierra++, a new tool designed specifically to extend usability and ergonomics of Sierra Chart for both beginners and long-time users, by providing handy tools like pickers and templates to help setup and adjust charts and studies quickly.

We have been working with the author and adding various functionality to ACSIL related to this and there is more to come in the coming weeks and months.

The first release includes pickers for adjusting chart Graphics Settings and study Subgraphs, and quickly copying these settings to others charts and studies.


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[2023-10-11 16:20:50]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 89
Hello Sierra Chart users,

First I would like to thank the Sierra Chart team for spending time expanding ACSIL.

Sierra++ is (the beginning of) the tool I wish I had when I started using Sierra Chart. It's not a trading tool, it's about saving time when working with Sierra Chart : https://sierra-pp.com

The first release is out, featuring color and Graphics pickers (with a Color Palette dedicated to trading charts), and Bar Period favorites. I hope you'll enjoy using it.

There is a 2-week free trial, just send me your SC Username at sierraplusplus@gmail.com so that I can activate your access. If you're interested but you don't want to share your SC Username, please also let me know by email.

If you've sent an email and have not received any answer even in your spam folder, please contact me here by Direct Message.
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[2023-10-14 20:42:03]
bradh - Posts: 820
We are just adding functionality as requested if it is within reason and not too difficult.

Please continue to update the release notes and/or Support Forum when you do this. I don't know how to use what I don't know exists.
[2023-10-14 21:18:23]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 89
Here is the release note : https://www.sierrachart.com/index.php?page=doc/Whats_New.php#SCVer2494
[2023-10-22 16:09:11]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 89
Thanks to the first Sierra++ users.

Pricing is now available, with a special launch offer until November 12th.

I've done my best to offer a very low monthly price for long-duration licenses.

Payments are processed through Stripe, and you can choose to pay in either USD or EUR.

You can find the price grid here : https://sierra-pp.com/purchase/

and the launch offer details here : https://sierra-pp.com/launch-offer/
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[2023-10-29 09:55:25]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 89
To Linux users : the new version of Sierra++ application fixes the issue with Linux/Wine.

To update the Sierra++ application, please :
- close Sierra Chart
- delete Sierra++.exe file in SC Data Folder
- restart Sierra Chart (this will download the new version)
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2023-10-29 09:55:38
[2023-11-12 00:26:44]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 89
Just a little reminder, the introductory offer will expire in 24 hours. It's a good opportunity to receive up to 3 extra free months and benefit from new features during the period. https://sierra-pp.com/launch-offer/

I also want to thank you for your enthusiastic messages, and, of course, a big thank you to the first customers for their trust and support.

More features coming soon, stay tuned.
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2023-11-12 00:27:55
[2023-11-13 15:23:12]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 89
I've just encountered surprising issues with the previous free Gmail address so I'm switching to a better email system (which I had planned to do anyway in the coming weeks).

The new Sierra++ email address is trader@sierra-pp.com

If you're waiting for an anwser from me, please check your spam folder and don't hesitate to forward your message to this new email address.

In case of any issue you can also contact me here through Sierra Chart Support Board using Direct Message, or send me a private message on X : @sierra_plusplus

Thank you and sorry for any potential inconvenience.
[2023-11-21 10:05:58]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 89
After some of your messages asking for a one-time fee pricing model, I tried to make it work with Sierra++ which is a single, constantly evolving product. The missing piece of the puzzle was to break down the features and sell them separately with, say, one year of technical updates included. So I'm pleased to inform you that it will soon be possible !

The current all-included offer will remain the main one.

When this new pricing model is released, existing customers will have the choice to stay in the current pricing model or to switch and convert their purchase into the new one at the expiration of their current license.

PS : a Black Friday offer will start within the next 36 hours, check https://twitter.com/sierra_plusplus
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[2023-11-22 13:22:15]
Trader & Sierra++ developer - Posts: 89
Introductory offer reloaded for Black Friday until next Sunday ! https://sierra-pp.com/black-friday/

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