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Date/Time: Fri, 01 Dec 2023 10:44:54 +0000

stoch study doent work with the same time of chart

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[2023-08-22 08:26:26]
User278398 - Posts: 284
why and how i fix the next issue:
start session time is 9:30, and the stoch study doent start from this time.
***if i change start time to 9:20 so i can see it start from 9:30 (it realy start from 9:21:30), but i dont want to use this metod, because is problem for me to see bars from 9:20:00.

how can i fix it?

image1.png / V - Attached On 2023-08-22 08:21:15 UTC - Size: 224.43 KB - 41 views
[2023-08-22 08:40:11]
User278398 - Posts: 284
when i change bar period, to 1 min, or 1 sec i get the same result....
the first 15 bars doesn't work for stoch (it doesn't depend the time bar)
[2023-08-22 15:21:13]
John - SC Support - Posts: 27401
The study requires a certain amount of data in order to give you a result. There is no way around this.

The "Length" settings are the items that determine that number of bars.
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