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Date/Time: Wed, 24 Jul 2024 00:05:23 +0000

[Programming Help] - I like to modify the the volume profile start and and times via ACSIL

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[2023-08-21 11:02:52]
User384999 - Posts: 28
is it posiiable to dynamically change the start and end dates of a custom volume profile ?
Or do i need to delete and re add ?

i have been trying to modify but i havent got it working ( its me not knowing how to pass the parameters in correct theres nothing wrong with sierra charts i love the product by the way)

Start date (input 37 )
should this be passed in a double ie including the time like below?

SCDateTime Start_Opening = Input_Start_Opening.GetDateTime() ;
float StartTimeInSeconds = Start_Opening.GetAsDouble();
then use SetChartStudyInputFloat() function  

Start time ( 38 )
end date (40 )
End Time (41)

How should start Date / end date be passed into this ?
Do i only need to use start Date / end date with the times as part of the varaible
Any help would be much apreciated
[2023-08-21 11:32:02]
User431178 - Posts: 459
Check out the code for 'Volume By Price Reset Button', which is found in studies2.cpp, it probably has enough to get to going.

How to Build an Advanced Custom Study from Source Code: Searching for Source Code for Sierra Chart Built-In Studies
[2023-08-21 16:47:59]
User384999 - Posts: 28
thank you User431178 ,this is just what i want , have great day !

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